Sep 7, 2022

Notion versus OneNote: Which note-taking app is better for your business?

Both offer agile, flexible softwares for those who need it, in varying ways

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

Over recent years, a surge of productivity apps have graced the internet. So much so that the way things are being done has changed for good. 

When it comes to note taking, the whole pen and paper just won’t do it anymore. At CAKE, we use Notion, which is a collaborative app used to take notes, organize and collaborate with others. Supported on all platforms, Notion offers different packages for individuals and teams/businesses. 

Microsoft OneNote, on the other hand, is just as useful, and has been around for over a decade. On OneNote, users are able to easily write notes and access dozens of features that help with project management and collaboration. Accessible from anywhere, you can use OneNote to draw and clip to your heart’s content.

Both platforms have pros and cons, but the preference is up to you and the needs of your business!

Notion Overview 

Notion is an incredibly powerful tool, proven to be useful to all types of businesses. WIth its collaborative features, Notion boosts company productivity. Notion provides companies with an option to set up Teams; through this, a more organized workspace can be created. This feature also allows users to share resources with specific groups, to avoid clutter and chaos. 

Additionally, Notion has a web clipping feature that allows users to “clip and save any webpage and implement it into the Notion platform.” This proves helpful for design teams and client consultations. 

At CAKE, we were sold on Notion because of its versatility. The ability to optimize our workspace was something we craved for so long, that when we realized Notion could benefit us, we had to hop on the bandwagon. The wikis, otherwise known as Notion templates, provide a great base to start with. We needed an efficient way to store and edit our company documents, and Notion proves to do just that with its Linked Database feature. With a couple clicks, you can show, filter and sort the same data across various locations. This is important because each facet of your company will often require copies of the same documents at all times, which is exactly what this feature does. 

Notion’s adaptability and flexibility is critical for all businesses and large projects. The workspace powered by Notion is optimal for businesses like CAKE especially because of its reminder and to-do list features. The to-do list offers four different styled blocks, from which you can choose the one most suitable to convey your tasks at hand. As the Jack of all trades, Notion is incredibly powerful and is definitely top-tier for beginner and advanced workspaces. 

OneNote Overview 

As a member of the Microsoft Office family, OneNote definitely lives up to the expectations, especially after being around for years. Sure to enhance productivity in each respective domain, OneNote is cool because it runs on cloud-based systems that save your work online. You can invite collaborators to your documents, where you have the ability to add forms of media to your notes, to simplify them or make them more cohesive. It is also possible to record audio and video straight into your notebook.

In hindsight, OneNote offers less advanced features than Notion, but both offer an easy-to-navigate design. OneNote lacks some sharing options, but offers the easiest way to take notes and collaborate with other team members. Business wise, it lacks some of the options that Notion does in the sense that it is more geared towards simple note taking, while Notion offers business-specific packages and templates for companies to use and purchase. 

When considering whether or not to make the switch from Notion to OneNote, or vice versa, consider the following questions: What do you currently use the software for? Are the features meeting all of your goals? Depending on your workflow and size of your business, either or could prove to be useful, you just have to weigh the benefits of each to choose the best option. 

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