Meet The Team
Aug 23, 2022

Meet the team: Getting to know the creators of CAKE Capital

The successful startup’s founders are definitely worth talking about — here’s why.

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

Ever heard the saying “Your team is only as strong as your weakest link?” At CAKE Capital, there is no weak link. We believe in working together to get the job done, no matter how challenging or daunting the task may be. The group of CAKE founders is a solid team working together to build something spectacular ground-up, in hopes of changing lives of many, and the Fintech industry altogether. To create this team, we pulled from all different sectors and specializations in hopes of becoming something great. Below, we’ve included a little bit about each team member, their role at CAKE and what makes them special to the team. 

Matthew Bosrock, CEO of CAKE Capital, is a seasoned Fintech Executive. As a former CEO and COO of HSBC Canada/Greece, Canada’s seventh largest bank, it’s clear that he has spent some time in senior positions within the financial services industry. The highly accomplished Bosrock is also a Former Executive M.D. with S&P Global Ratings. Matt continuously uses his knowledge to educate users of CAKE about the importance of the company, and the direction he hopes it will take.

Josiah Crombie, CPO of CAKE Capital, got his footing as a tech entrepreneur years ago, and has been on the rise since. Crombie is known for being successful on Season 12 of Dragon’s Den, pitching the software GIMME360, a tech startup that specializes in augmented reality. To add, Crombie is a Family Office Advisor, and has exits in Fintech. While he continues to gain notches under his belt, right now Crombie is primarily focused on the vision of CAKE, specifically the management and marketing of the company. 

Christina Bianco, one of CAKE Capital’s Executive Advisors, is a star when it comes to juggling different tasks and positions. Working with Senior Finance at IBM, Bianco has extensive knowledge in the Fintech industry and its trends. Her previous occupations include Stronach Group and OverActive Media, where she’s held titles like CFO, EVP and Board Member. Bianco is passionate about making sure that CAKE is always thriving; working alongside Murray, this dynamic duo propels the company forward and inspires hundreds doing so. 

Eileen Murray, Executive Advisor, is a great example of a woman who has broken the glass ceiling multiple times in her career. She is the former co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates, which is one of the world’s largest institutional asset managers. Murray has also since held multiple executive positions within the Fintech industry, like HSBC, Compass and Guardian Life. Her job with CAKE is to provide consulting services to the team, in order to make it better. 

Sean Brooks, COO of CAKE Capital, manages and handles many duties within the company, like overseeing daily business operations, communicating with the CEO, and other functions. Being ranked high in a C-Suite position like this gives Brooks the opportunity to provide the team with ideas and insights that he thinks will help the company to improve. Brooks is known as a finance entrepreneur with previous acquisitions, and was formerly the President of ProcessOne Merchant Solutions. 

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