Aug 2, 2022

How To Market For Small Businesses and Why It’s Important

CAKE stresses the importance of posting relevant social media content to build business awareness

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

At the rate that technology is advancing these days, it’s no secret that social media is one of the strongest marketing tools to exist. By using social media in the Fintech industry, it provides businesses with the opportunity to better engage with both returning and potential clients, working to build brand image and identity all the while. 

Businesses that use social media to their advantage will likely see more benefits. This is because users who interact with the social media posts are able to provide insights and feedback on the company, build connections and help establish the brand as a whole. 

In recent years, content marketing posts have been seen as a valuable asset to businesses. If executed properly, they deliver resounding success to small businesses worldwide. For a marketer, this means that content creation should be a high priority. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Frequent posts work to highlight consistency and allow for higher audience retention. With great content, you’ll be able to capture your audiences’ attention and continually reinforce a positive image for your new business. 

As with any kind of social media post, there are different deliverables worth taking into consideration. One might choose to promote/advertise a product or service, hoping that by paying to market their business, that it reaches a wide-scale audience. Alternatively, videos and interactives are great ways to capture the attention of your audience, keeping them informed and engaged. 

When considering what sites to promote your business on, LinkedIn appears to be in the top percentile for B2B marketing. This is because the site itself allows you to build credibility, create a network and interact with established experts within your industry. Another good site to market your businesses’ content on is Facebook, a site that can be incredibly effective if used the right way. Because you can customize the page, and even pay for an ad, you have full control over your businesses’ personality and character. So, if you’re just getting started and looking for maximum exposure, this is the best way to do it. As previously mentioned, the more aware a customer is of your brand, the better off you’ll be.

Now that you’ve figured out where best to promote your business, we must address the importance of posting relevant content. While relevance looks different to everyone, one of the primary reasons why most marketing efforts don’t achieve their desired results is because the marketers focus too much on their own goals, without taking into account what the audience needs. Figuring out who your target demographic is and what they need from you is the first step in creating relevant content. 

In order to do so, these steps can be taken: 

  • Review existing content you’ve created to see what kind of response you’re getting 
  • Is it positive? Negative? Lacking some flair? Pay attention to the clicks, bounce rate and key words; Which posts are getting the most activity? The least? Note it and adhere to that the next time you create content.
  • Pay attention to trending topics 
  • Google Trends is a great site to spark incentive and open new discussion for your business. If a trending topic could be relevant to the success of your business, make a post about it. If previously covered content becomes a recurring trend, seize the opportunity to promote your evergreen articles/posts once more. While some trends are spontaneous, others are recurring and predictable. Opt to keep on top of trends as best as you can.
  • Ask for ideas
  • While a small business can be made up of a dozen or so employees, we understand that there are some solo entrepreneurs out there. So, feel free to ask your team, or even friends and family members what they would want to see more of as an audience. You can even crowdsource some important topics, and take polls via social media stories to see what your audience would like to see more of. 

Building a business is no small feat, and once it’s done there’s a lot of upkeep to do. With marketing and social media being one of the easiest and most important ways to get your name out there, it’s important to do it right. The more relevant your content and the more frequent you post, the better it’ll look for your business. Now that we’ve stressed this, it’s your turn to do the work. 

Questions? Reach out to us for any tips and tricks to build your brand. 

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