Aug 22, 2022

How CAKE Capital can save your business time and money

An in-depth comparison of taking out a CAKE Capital loan versus a business bank loan

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

For those looking to start a business, you’re likely aware of the many different steps that must be taken before the business can get itself off the ground. For instance, depending on the size of your business, it might be trickier to get a loan. When small businesses got hit hard during the 2008 recession, it made for increased regulation within the economy. Since then, banks have upped their qualifications for loans. This puts more pressure on startups and entrepreneurs, especially now that they have to prove their ideas are good enough to guarantee success. And, even if they manage to do so, with the way the economy is now, nothing is predictable and all could change at the blink of an eye. 

While this is a long, tiresome and discouraging process, CAKE Capital hopes to reassure members that with us, getting a loan for your business can be made a lot easier. 

When comparing our offered loan to a typical business bank loan, there are a wide variety of differences. We offer “non-dilutive growth capital that’s flexible, fast, fair and scalable”, and most importantly, a solution that works for you. 

With us, the application time takes days, rather than weeks or months. The application is completely transparent and is based on what you would like your business to achieve through using CAKE Capital. However, most banks don’t offer the same kind of help that we can guarantee.


By choosing CAKE Capital, you’re gaining access to a financial community that can help you to meet your company goals. Unlike a bank loan, we also offer unrestrictive spending. This means that the money can be used for any purpose needed by the business. With a bank loan, banks monitor borrowers after making loans in order to protect their collateral. This poses a disadvantage because the business might not be able to purchase something it needs to reach its fullest potential simply because the bank is worried about whether or not the purchase might be too risky. In a situation like this, it’s more advantageous to choose CAKE Capital. 

Another thing to note is that with CAKE Capital, there are no personal guarantees. This is great for a multitude of reasons — the term ‘personal guarantee’ refers to an individuals’ legal promise to repay credit issued to a business if the business becomes unable to repay that debt. This is something that most banks ask of their clients before borrowing a loan, however CAKE Capital believes in a businesses willingness to succeed, which is why offering no personal guarantees makes sense for our clients. 

Lastly, with  frictionless access to your money, you’ll find that it’s easier (and more secure!) to move around your money. To adapt with customer demands, CAKE Capital offers frictionless banking, allowing for immediacy— money right when you want it.

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