Dec 28, 2022

How CAKE Capital can help you to scale your service business

What partnering with CAKE will mean for any entrepreneur starting a service business.

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

Starting a business: it makes sense how simple it might look to the naked eye, yet it is important to consider how deceitful that assumption really is. 

Especially because with each business comes a different business model — some more intense than others, some more thought out, and most with a completely different goal in mind.

Of all the businesses that exist, one that we haven’t considered in detail are service businesses. In a service-based business, the main goal is to advertise to consumers who need specific services that they either can’t do or don’t want to do themselves. Because services are intangible and perishable, they differ from a typical marketing strategy of a product-based business. The service sector includes, but is not limited to: Rental Services, Advertising and of course, Hospitality, with the accommodation and food service subsectors being some of the most lucrative within the hospitality industry. 

Because of the way the service industry dominates different parts of the world, getting your business up and running, especially by yourself, might seem more daunting than you had initially hoped. While most tools and techniques out there help to tackle the ever-growing service industry, there are still some missing; we need a new way of handling service businesses that promotes growth and focuses on the importance of getting things right the first time around. 

This is where you can use CAKE Capital to your advantage; Our goal is to handle your capital needs while you put your time and energy into offering your services to customers. CAKE will help your service company overcome rising salary costs, decreasing revenues and shrinking margins, all through easy access to up-front capital. And, if you run into a slower period where business isn’t as steady, we’re willing to offer you instant capital in exchange for future revenue, giving you the cash infusion you need when you need it. 

You’ll likely find that many of the problems service businesses face to date have to do with understanding customers, handling crisis’ and actually proving your service is a valuable asset to the consumer or the audience it’s intended for. Because we plan on offering you easy capital upfront, you shouldn’t have any problems acquiring new customers or bidding on big contracts. By providing you with the capital you desire, you’ll be able to seize large opportunities, or even have that talk about expanding your business quicker than you would have ever thought.

In addition, applying to our corporate card is another way for service businesses to properly budget their company expenses. The CAKE card allows you to add and adjust spending controls and stay consistent with it, which is a good habit to maintain no matter the case.

With the increase in technology, it’s a given that more and more consumers are going to opt for services that will help make their fast-paced lifestyles easier. If you choose CAKE, you’ll be giving yourself unlimited access to endless ideas and a world full of new possibilities, along with the capital you’ve always craved. CAKE customers will always have full control of the decisions being made surrounding their business. Like mentioned above, we offer our support through funding and tools needed to grow, basing all decisions on data as it relates to your company’s potential. Affinity groups who traditionally might have trouble securing capital will find us fair and impartial, no matter the situation. 

At CAKE, we consider ourselves a valuable asset for all businesses of varying business models, and service businesses are no exception. By choosing to partner with us, service businesses and young entrepreneurs will get to see a different side of what accountability, efficiency and profitability really mean; your time starts now. 

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