Aug 23, 2022

CAKE Capital: Highlighting a narrative

A timeline showcasing the start-up’s launches, improvements and projects to come

Madison @CAKE
Madison @CAKE

 As a fairly new company, CAKE Capital holds many short and longterm goals; what we want to accomplish and how we hope we can grow our business. 

However, with the technology advances coming our way, many are beginning to opt for a more digital, futuristic way of banking. When it comes to dealing with financial matters, we want to make sure SMB’s are looked after as best as possible. So, along with the rest of the world, and other financial institutions, we’ve had to adapt to our clients in the ways that work best for them.

May 20, 2022 was the launch of CAKE Capital . On this day, CAKE Capital offered users three unique banking experiences, as mentioned below:

Capital for Growth - The idea of providing users with ‘frictionless access to capital’ came about because of its practicality. Frictionless business reduces every barrier to business success, allowing firms to operate at maximum effectiveness. Because the way we live and work is changing, so is the need for a switch in payment processes. By facilitating access to frictionless finance through CAKE, SMB’s will be able to maximize their profits and funding at no extra cost. This is the best way for an SMB to grow, as with frictionless access to capital, limits cease to exist.

Pay Bills Instantly - CAKE promises to guide users through making smarter and fewer payments. Smart payments are important as they ensure that when businesses transact digitally, remittance information will be captured alongside the payment. While digital payments may seem like a big jump at first, making the switch from cash to digital is necessary in order to stay up to date with modern age technology. Here at CAKE, users are able to schedule payments and set reminders as necessary in order to properly navigate their expenses. With fee-free instant payments, you can take care of everything on the spot. 

Get more rewards - While a lot of credit cards work great when it comes to offering rewards per purchase or dollar spent, when you sign up with CAKE, you’re given access to tons of perks. With over 500k offered in discounts, you can explore hundreds of ways to cash in on your rewards, redeeming your points for travel or for gift cards. The rewards earned with CAKE are significant, holding a high value. This means that when you sign up with us, your benefits will outweigh any drawbacks or disadvantages, which you might run into when opting to use other financial partners.  

If these features don’t intrigue you, keep in mind that as a small business, we’re working tirelessly to improve the benefits that CAKE offers to its consumers. These next two features are launching in the fall, and are sure to make a huge difference in your life. Not only that, but by enhancing our business, CAKE will hopefully reach a broader scope, sweeping the nation and gathering the undivided attention of anyone in need of a great and stable financial system. 

As of Sept. 2022, CAKE will be bringing these two features to their platform:

App Ecosystem - Sooner rather than later, CAKE members will be able to customize their dashboard with their choice of apps. Without sharing too many details, app ecosystems are essential to any modern day business operation as they help to enhance the platform and drive revenue for developers. 

Corporate Card - Corporate cards are handy at providing businesses with a way to monitor their spending. At CAKE, corporate cards will be offered at high limits to allow businesses to maximize their potential growth. With streamlined expense management, advanced security and good reward perks, corporate cards are a smart and easy way to control your finances and stay on top of bills, all while building good credit.

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